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The Raid 2: Bernadal (2014) - Gareth Evans

We're Back!

Welcone to Inside the Backlot

First and foremost, we’d like to apologize to our fans for our unannounced absence. After taking some time off to re-evaluate where we wanted to take Backlot, we realized we needed a complete re-vamp of our website, culture and mission statement.

Backlot Review: Episode 7

Detective Pikachu

Steven and Nick review 'Detective Pikachu' and discuss their love for the show and the video games based around the property. 

What 2019's Aladdin Was - And What it Failed to Be

By Steven Sarria

[Often times in art, particularly in film and music, one can see through the true intentions of the studio/artist/filmmaker. For example, one can usually tell when a director or musician tackles a project they’re passionate about. You can almost feel the heart and the passion and the care these artists put into their product to create something not just for themselves, but for their fans. On the flip side, one can sniff out a studio’s shameless cash-grab from half a mile away....]

John Wick 3 Continues to Build Upon An Already Great Series

By Steven Sarria

[John Wick 3 begins right where John Wick 2 ended. John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves, is now ex-communicado from The Continental, and has an active bounty of $14 million on his head. John Wick must fight off hordes of people who have not yet learned to stop....]

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It's All About the Movies

Inside the Backlot is a community. A place for cinephiles and filmmakers to connect and interact with one another. Our goal here at the Backlot is to expose the public to new films and up-and-coming filmmakers looking to leave their mark on the industry. 

For many, film is a hobby. For some, film is a passion. One thing is certain: film is art, and like any art, it’s a way to get your voice heard.

Here are our voices.

Welcome to Inside the Backlot.