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Bryan Muñiz

Backlot Review

Bryan is a college student attending Florida International University where he is Criminal Justice major and plans to double major in Film. Bryan has a passion for a few things like sports but the thing he is most passionate about is movies. He first fell in love with movies when he saw The Godfather, since that day he’s been a lover of film and film making. He loves picking apart and analyzing directorial styles and direction in films.

Nick Sarmiento

Backlot Review

Nick is currently a student at Florida International University where he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management while minoring in Marketing. Sports is Nick’s true passion but at an early age he fell in love with classic film franchises such as Jurassic Park, Jaws, and Star Wars. Watching these movies is what sparked his love for film and storytelling. Nick enjoys digging deep into movie plots and discussing the deeper meanings of movies.

Steven Sarria

Backlot Review

A lover of cinema for many years, Steven has seen film as his passion since his early youth. A student at Florida International University, Steven studies Journalism under a Film Studies track. With dreams of being a scriptwriter, Steven hopes to one-day capture the imagination of millions and transport viewers to a world of magic.